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Relax & Sleep

Natural Relax & Sleep Aid based on herbs and ingredients.

✓ Natural sleep-inducing herbs such as Chamomile and Lemon Balm

✓ Magnesium and L-Theanine

✓ Blue light filtration with Lutein

✓ Vegan suitable

✓ No fillers or excipients

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    Matter's Relax & Sleep is the optimal complement to an otherwise hectic and stressful life where sleep often tend to suffer.

    With scientifically proven amounts of the right natural ingredients, you're guaranteed a calm and comfortable sleep that lasts until the the next morning. Wake up refreshed and energized!



    When you know you’re ready to sleep but counting sheep isn’t working, you know it’s time for this all-natural Relax & Sleep supplement! This sleepy mix of ancient herbs and natural ingredients will help you ease whatever stressful feeling you're having and gently rock yourself to sleep. Look forward to waking up refreshed and well rested after a full night of deep sleep.


    Whatever it is that is keeping you awake, our purposeful complex of natural ingrediens will lull you into la la land with just the right amount of ashwagandha, lemon balm, chamomile, lavender flower, l-theanine and magnesium glycinate. Using any devices before bedtime? Not a problem! Every capsule of Matter's Relax & Sleep contains a generous amount of lutein, known for its ability to filter blue light!



    • Natural Relax & Sleep Aid
    • Free from artificial fillers and unnecessary additives
    • Recyclable Bottle
    • Made in the UK
    • Vegan

    Suggested Use:

    • Take 1-2 capsules 1 hour before bedtime. Start with one capsule and carefully adjust your dosage


    Non-habit-forming natural sedatives such as Magnesium and L-theanine.

    Natural herbs known for their sleep inducing abilities.

    Block blue light and improve sleep quality with Lutein.