Our Environmental Statement

Matter's Official Environmental Statement

At Matter's we constantly strive to reduce our climate footprint and run our company in the most efficient and environmentally friendly way possible. Our goal is to offer all our fantastic customers a shopping experience without unnecessary environmental impact. When you shop at Matter's you should be able to do this with a clear conscience and with the knowledge that you are not burdening the environment. We are constantly evolving and constantly trying to improve ourselves in this area. We are proud to present some of our current initiatives:

1. Recyclable Product Packaging
We strive to offer all our products in either biodegradable plastic or other recyclable packaging. Currently, we live up to both these criteria. Look for the symbol on our products.

2. FSC Certified Paper & Packaging
All our packaging materials are FSC certified.

3. Climate-compensated Shipping
We always demand that our shipping partners offers environmentally compensated shipping.

4. "Pouches before Jars"
All our large products are packed in pouches/bags. In this way, we reduce our plastic use while at the same time enabling for smaller and more effective shipments.