Would you like to return your product?

You can cancel your purchase by contacting us and returning your item. Make sure you have your order number available.

Our Address:
Ängelholmsvägen 27
254 53 Helsingborg

Return the item using DHL. You choose whether you send as a letter or traceable item, but you are responsible for the return reaching us in acceptable condition.

How to return your item:

The right to return your product does NOT apply to:

• Goods with broken seal or packaging
• Items that have a short best-before date
• Products with special conditions
• Unredeemed packages (Read more about unredeemed packages in our payment terms).

Feel free to contact us if you are wondering if you can return your product or not.


Card payments are credited and the amount becomes visible in the account within 7 days. For invoices, your invoice will be adjusted/terminated.

Pay even if you are going to make a return:

If you have an invoice, always make sure to pay your invoice well in advance, even if you have to make a return so that you do not receive a payment reminder. When we process your return, you will receive your money back from Collector Bank.

Unredeemed packages:

Your shipment will normally remain with the post office for at least 14 days. If you do not redeem your package within these days or refuse to pick it up, it will be returned to us. We will then charge you a handling fee and shipping cost for returns.