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Whole Food Multi-Collagen Protein 300 G

Its first the time which I am using this kind of product. I wish it would be useful.but I don't have an idea yet.

Ljumskproblem försvann

Löper mycket och har haft problem med ljumsken i långa perioder.

Efter en månad med Multi-collagenet har det försvunnit!

Toppenprodukt. Rekommenderas starkt!

What a powerful tool to enhance the immune system

I like it I used it day by day . The dosage as well as the origin of it seems really well thought of,.I feel is it is a powerful protection against all diseases including viruses .

Best ever

The collagen has helped my hair so much. Love the product

god smak

Tycker den funkar bra, har inte testat tillräckligt länge för att säga om den är bättre än tidigare produkter jag använt


The best high quality collagen product on the market! :D


Tycker ni verkar vara ett riktigt bra företag med bra produkter

Bästa kollagenet

Smakar knappt något och ger snabbt resultat!

Wonderful results! Even my hairdresser was impressed!

I have been eating this since beginning of August 2020. At that time my hair felt very thin and dry. After4 weeks with Matters Marine Collagean I had a haircut. My hairdresser was surprised, she said most people come back after the summer with terrible hair, but mine was surprisingly better then before the summer. I showed here pictures too and the difference was very clear! I now, of course, have a whole bunch of friends hooked on this wonderful product!
Must say too that I have been eating Collagen for years so this was not something new to me, just the brand was new and this being a Marine Collagean.

Beauty Glow Collagen

Grymt bra, inne på månad 2 nu och ser stor skillnad på hår, hur och naglar. Även min mage mår bättre, levt med IBS i många år och mår för första gången på länge riktigt bra 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Bra resultat på ingång

Första kollagenet jag testar, inne på 5 dagar nu. Hittills är jag mycket nöjd! Det har förhöjt min morgonrutin, det känns lyxigt. Och så vet jag att bra resultat väntar (hört så mycket gott från mina vänner som idag kör med produkten)! Spännande

Perfect for those adhering to a Vegan diet

If you’re vegan and serious about keeping your bodies collagen levels high, this is the product for you!

Noticed a big difference right away!

I’ve ben trying this product for two weeks now and I already feel a huge difference on my skin

Great product


These kind of products are hard to find

It is hard to find 100 % plant-based collagen products! I really love mine!

Great Vegan Collagen Booster

Love that this Collagen Booster is 100 % Vegan

Best collagen there is on the market

This multi collagen is one of the best on the market. With all the different kind of whole food sources, no flavour, easy to have in your everyday coffee and smoothies. Highly recommend!

Helped me with mood

Improved my mood in just a few days, can really recommend!!

Bye Bye Bad Nails

Really helped me to improve my bad nails

Wanted to lose some weight

I was looking for a protein powder to use in my weight loss journey. I liked the natural product profile and the fact that it didn’t contain any sugar. Low on calories as well.


Satisfied with purchase


Satisfied with purchase

Great in smoothies

Use this product in your smoothies to boost the protein